Sunday, June 19, 2011

And Then The Winds Came

Yesterday evening we were trying to get a new set of steps built off the back of the house. Well, I should say the boys were laying brick. I was stacking the bricks within reach for them and the go-for girl. One step done and the second begun, we heard a rumble of thunder. Soon the skies darkened and shortly thereafter the winds started. It was very frightening. The straight line winds were blowing so hard everything that was not nailed down went flying. A small amount of rain fell and for that we were thankful. After the storm passed we went to check the damage. Huge branches were down. Lots of leaves. Tomato plants torn from their stakes and this huge tree had snapped, thankfully missing all fences and critters. The goats had already discovered it and were busy eating the leaves. I guess we will be splitting firewood in the near future!   


  1. I wonder if that was what we ended up driving through on the way home. The little buck ended up happily ensconced behind the seats of the pickup. The wind was really bad, at one point we had to pull off the interstate because it was blowing so much dust from a parking lot that visibility went to nothing. I'm glad no more damage was done.


  2. I am sure it was. Glad you made it home safely!