Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally~Garden In!

Finally the garden is in. Saturday's planting included more corn, 2 different varieties of green beans, butter peas, more squash and eggplant, a summer variety of spinach, late tomatoes, potatoes and carrots. In a few weeks we will harvest our early potatoes and onions and the crowder peas and late drying beans will go in.
Once the garden was finished I headed to the barn for milking and morning feeding chores. The boys finished up the fencing we started last week for the ram and buck pasture.It was then time for a lunch break!
After lunch we attacked the herb and border beds that had been consumed by weeds. A few short hours later most were finished and we now need a load of mulch. We were ready to call it a day. Evening chores were finished and we collapsed. It is definitely much more pleasant to go out and harvest herbs now. 
                             Below are pics of mission accomplished!

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