Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Garden Is Still Going

Even with the heat the garden is still producing quite well. I picked and canned another half bushel or so of tomatoes today. We are absolutely covered up in peppers and I hope to pickle a few pints in the next couple of days. Our second corn crop is tasselling and the late green beans are blooming. The crowder peas and tiger eye beans jumped out of the ground with the rain we have gotten the last few days. Our okra is so tall we may have to get a ladder to pick it soon! The popcorn is ready as well.
I did have a lot of "not gettin' round to it's " in my garden this year. I wanted to plant butter peas and late tomatoes. I had grand plans to get in some more squash (maybe I will yet) and I would have liked to have planted some late potatoes. It is what it is and there is still a lot of growing season yet for what is planted.
Even so, I think I am almost ready for Fall. I know we still have the dog days of summer yet to go but it certainly feels like we have been there already!

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