Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chores Accomplished

Yesterday I canned the green beans first thing and then got the morning feeding rounds done.I then headed to the feed store to pick up sheep feed and dewormer.
We had no idea how much hay would be in the field we were baling and we got a very late start because the chain broke on the baler and had to be repaired. Thank goodness we had and extra one. I decided to head to the garden and get the okra picked while waiting (another 5 gallon bucket!). My son called while I was in the garden, sounding a bit distressed. There were already 168 bales and they were only half way through the field. We presold 100 bales that were to be picked up by a neighbor but the rest was ours to put somewhere. I had no clue where that somewhere might be though! The final count was 325. We filled the hay wagon with about 160 bales and went back for another trailer. It was dark when we pulled out of the field for the last time. My oldest son made a few calls and we were able to find a buyer for the balance of the hay. Thank goodness there was no rain in site and the buyer would get it in the morning. I finished up my milking chores and collapsed in a heap around 10. It is a good day when are chores are accomplished!

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