Monday, August 2, 2010

May I Have A Do-Over Please?

Call me crazy, but I normally love Mondays. It is usually the only day I don't hit the floor at a dead run. No work schedule, no baking, no set in stone to do list. I linger over an extra cup of coffee and kind of ooze into the week. Sigh.
This morning was cloudy and cool as I headed to the kitchen to make coffee. My son is out of town and my husband had headed off to work. Peace and quiet. While the coffee was brewing I opened the fridge for a snack. The temp read 68 *. Oh joy. Cleaning out the fridge had been on my to do list for a while but not today. Coffee, book and screen porch were forgotten as I began to pull everything out. We have a farm fridge in the garage where we keep extra milk ,eggs, produce, ect. Moving the few salvageable things there proved to be a challenge as it was full of, well, milk. Older milk was pulled out and fed to the chickens and I was able to squeeze in the house groceries. The pile of dishes and containers were fast reaching the ceiling. Good grief, how did all this stuff fit in there in the first place! I scrubbed and cleaned all the shelves. By now it was around 9:30 and I called a local repair service. Bless him, he appeared about an hour or so later. I was still working on the original mess when he said we would have to unload the freezer to see what was going on. Coolers were hauled in and filled. At this point it looked like a bomb had gone off in my kitchen. Another hour or so passed, he defrosted some coils announced that I needed a part he didn't have but it should limp a long for a few days until the part came in.
It was getting close to noon and I realized that I never got my snack nor had I milked the goats! They were going to be huffy about that. Off to the barn to milk. That had to be fed to the chickens as well, there was simply no room to store it. Meanwhile back in the kitchen, the fridge was starting to cool enough to put vegetables and items that wouldn't spoil back in. I got the freezer reloaded too.
I had just finished when a friend arrived to pick up out last Nigerien dwarf doe kid. We visited a bit and off the little goat went in a box with her new family.
All in all I guess it wasn't sooo bad. The chickens ate well, the dogs ate well and I have a beautifully clean refrigerator. That should last about a week. LOL!

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