Monday, August 9, 2010

What DO You Do With A Peck Of Peppers??

We are pepper people. Every year about this time, just when I think the garden is waning, peppers seem to explode. We love all kinds of peppers. Sweet ones, hot ones and all those in between! The sweet banana peppers are a standard side dish during the summer. Split in half, stuffed with cheese and broiled for a few minutes and Wow! Any kind of cheese works. Sometimes we use pepper cheese for a kick, or Swiss, or Cheddar, the list goes on.
We stuff the hot banana peppers as well, but also pickle them for a milder alternative to the jalapenos. Jalapenos are used in salsas, Mexican dishes or pickled. We especially love the pickled ones chopped up and mixed with the fromage cheese for a spicy spread on crackers. The bell peppers are eaten fresh, roasted or dehydrated. We usually roast the red and yellow , freeze them, and use them later in a lovely spicy pepper sauce that is served over pasta or rice with chicken and veggies or fish. The extra green bell peppers are usually dehydrated. And lastly the Tabasco and small hot peppers are packed into vinegar to use as a condiment over greens during the cold winter months. When packed in pretty jars they make lovely gifts as well. A few of these are dehydrated too, to toss into soups and stews for added interest and to grind for our own cayenne pepper.

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