Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Vet and the Ambulance Driver

I awoke to a very cold rain but grateful that the snow they predicted last week missed us. Today was a work day so I headed to the kitchen to get busy baking. I noticed one of the cashmeres was not standing in here normal spot in the hall of the barn so while the bread was rising I hurried down to give a quick check. No babies this morning. All was quiet on the homestead...

And so at 8:45 this evening as I walked in the door from the last of my chores, my husband said my sister had called and sounded frantic. Her dog was covered in blood and I needed to come fast. Oh, and bring Luke in case the dog needed to go to the vet. (Seems she had consumed one to many glasses of wine to be driving!) He was mumbling some comment about needing a vet and an ambulance driver as we hurried out the door. On arrival at my sister's- she lives next door- we found poor little Ricky-Bobbie wrapped in a towel and shivering uncontrollably. I literally gasped when I unwrapped the towel. He had horrible gash wounds and puncture wounds over the better part of his body. I real vet was defiantly in order. We loaded up and headed to the emergency clinic. Poor little guy spent the night in ICU.

Update: Ricky-Bobbie is doing fine and is back home. The vet quit counting stitches and he has 5 drain tubes in the wounds. We think maybe the neighbor's dog came for a visit and there may have been a scuffle over a bone. Mom took him rotisserie chicken and I took him some homemade doggie treats so he is feeling pretty special right now!

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