Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, Ice and Baby Goats!

We woke to an icy glaze over the snow. About 1/4 inch had covered the ground and trees making for a treacherous trek to the barns. I had to stomp my feet to go through the ice and gain traction. While filling the chicken troughs, I heard the all too familiar cry of a baby goat. Not from the barn I expected though. My husband and I began the search to find one of the cashmere's had kidded in the small barn where the dogs usually sleep. She was still a bit damp, but alert and healthy. I scooped her up and headed to the big barn with mom following close behind. Slipping and sliding all the way, we finally reached the barn and got her settled under the heat lamps.
After getting her settled, I went to check on the other cashmere does. It seems that every year one always catches me off guard. As soon as we are able to navigate pastures I will move them closer. None of the others look close to kidding ~I think, I hope!

And so it begins. A new year full of babies. The surprise and excitement of kidding and lambing season never grows old. The name of the first little white cashmere doe? Snow, of course!

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