Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcome Home Bella!

A few weeks ago my friend and future neighbor in Fancy Gap called to tell me that her karakachan dog, mom, to my LGD's had escaped from her vet's office in the neighboring town of Galax. She was so distraught and sad, I cried with her. We talked about the possibility of her making it home. She took out ads in the newspaper and flyers were posted everywhere. The police were contacted. Bella is very standoffish and elusive with everyone but her owner so catching her would not be an easy task. After a month, hope was beginning to fade. However, yesterday, 30 days after her escape, Bella came home. She traveled 29 miles, braved snow storms and interstates. She is about 15 pounds lighter, but none the worse for wear. She came home to her family and her flock. What a great testament to the personalities of these dogs! We are thrilled with the news. Welcome home Bella!

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