Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meanwhile Back At the Ranch..

Well it was a flying trip to say the least.We drove through some torrential rains but the sun cleared over Green Fence Farm as we pulled off the interstate. Only intending to buy two cashmeres, I came home with five. Imagine that. It was a longer trip home as it as was dark and a drizzling rain fell most of the way. We stopped for supper and still made it in around 10:30 p.m.. We left the girls on the trailer with water and hay to unload this morning. A couple of the have girls been combed out, but as you you can see the others are waiting for me!

We got the girls settled and they will be in a quarantine pen for about 2 weeks. After that they bred does will go in the kidding pasture and the unbred will go in with a buck. Don't know if they will breed this late, but you never know.

Today we had to run another strand of wire because my older ram refused to stay out of the hay field. It is really starting to green up nicely. I guess he thinks so too!

It was also the puppies first "meal". They wiped out a plate in short order! After they finished they cleaned each other up. It is so fun to watch and play with them, all of them have different personalities. They boys seem to be more laid back and food oriented while the girls are busy playing, growling and barking. It looks like we have 3 reserved so far with only 4 left and I have yet to advertise. We will probably not keep a pup from this litter since we are in good shape as far as guardians here. However, when we get to our farm in Virginia that will be a whole different ball game since the coyotes are a bigger problem there.

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