Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Today was the last day of dog training for a week or so. A weekend long seminar, an extra lesson plus a nose work class and I am about dogged out! Actually its more of I'm tired of driving and being cold. We had a great group of people and with the help of some really experienced trainers the puppy made great advances as did Ludovic.

As I did chores today I noticed one of the goats looking like she was starting to bag up. I am sure she is nowhere close but with the threat of freezing rain in the forecast it would be Murphy's law she'd pop a baby out tonight if I didn't lock her up. I brought most of the girls in to keep her company. I fed the milk to the chickens for the third day in a row. They can't wait for me to pour that warm milk into a bowl! I hurriedly gathered a load of fire wood and got in the house.

The reason I was in such a big hurry? I was excited about  supper! Tonight I was making stuffed shells using the cottage cheese from last week and deer meat from the boys hunt this past Fall. It's the small things that can bring great pleasure.
They were delicious. 

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