Sunday, January 13, 2019

Homemade Butter

Today I made butter with all that luscious cream from Friday's milk. In today's modern times it is quite easy. I didn't hand churn it, although I have as a child, I used my blender. I carefully skimmed all the cream off the milk and put it in the blender then turned it on high. Wa-La butter in a matter of just a few minutes!
I drained off all the "buttermilk", then washed it. To do this I placed the butter in a bowl of ice cold water to keep it from getting too soft and kept pushing on it with the back of a spoon changing the water every few minutes until it ran clear. After I drained off the last of the clear water I continued to mash the butter until all the water was out of it. I added salt to taste and molded it into a roll.
The finished product minus a few slices that were slathered on hot corn bread!

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