Monday, January 14, 2019

Starting Seeds

Yep it's time. Sis has got some beautiful lettuce started in the greenhouse but believe it or not it is time to start seeds for the spring and summer garden.
It was a cold damp day here on our homesteads so she built a small fire in the wood stove and warmed the greenhouse. Since she had to work later than anticipated Mom and I were put in charge of seed starting duty. Scary, yes. I can say without a doubt she was inspecting our work shortly after we were done! I am more the animal person and Mom well, she is a little scattered. That may explain all the cauliflower that's in the garden that no one remembers starting. Good job Mom, it's gorgeous!
 Today we started a broccoli blend of 4 different varieties. They should produce until the weather gets hot. We also started 8 different kinds of peppers and some snapdragons. A lot still yet to do. Hopefully we will finish most by the end of the week.


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