Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I spent a quiet morning in the kitchen. The fridge needed a purge(happy chickens!), bananas needed to be turned into something yummy and the pasta that I got on sale last week needed to be vacuum sealed in jars. The vote for bananas was chocolate chip banana nut bread with walnuts please, per hubby's request. I made 2 loaves. One for now one to freeze.
I only got half the pasta vacuum sealed because I was too lazy to go to the basement and dig out more jars!
I had planned to stay in the house most of the day since I had been out in the cold for the last 4 days. However it actually turned out to be quite nice and reached 55*. What a pleasant surprise! That wasn't the only surprise I had today. Apparently Hubby had watched me milk last week and was not happy with the stanchion. He said it was too far to reach and didn't like the fact that I had to duck down under the top rail. I had gotten used to it and was just thankful to have a place to keep Ms. Violet still. She has quieted down and is turning out to be an amazing cow. 

The new stanchion is pretty awesome. He had my son and one of his guys construct it. They welded it with a wide opening that is right where I sit to milk. They did it on both sides so milking can be done either from the left or the right. They also narrowed the shoot making her much closer.and easier to reach. THEN they painted it a lovely shade of green! It is perfect.

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