Friday, January 20, 2017

Wildlife Woes

We have had a terrible problem with Canadian Geese for the last couple of years. Each winter they fly in on our pond and proceed to graze the winter rye field to the ground. No matter how many times we run them off they are back later in the day or certainly the next morning. Some days I would chase them 3 or 4 times!
Doug happened to remember a job they had done a while back and beside a pond on the site was a plastic coyote. He assumed it was for geese control. I was instructed to find one. I finally settled on one from Dick's that had a four star rating. I still had my doubts. When it arrived in the mail I was really skeptical! A pitiful piece of plastic all wadded up it the box, with a fluffy add on tail. Not to worry I was told it had to come to room temperature. Uh huh, ok.
Two days later it was assembled on a post that pivoted in the wind and it's tail stuck on. Doug ran the geese off with a shotgun and put him out. About 2 hours later they flew back in BUT did not get out of the water. Eureka! it worked. They still fly in from time to time but never get out. It really does look quite life like from a distance.
 The grass is recovering and goats are once again grazing.
Even Ludo had to do a double take!

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