Friday, January 6, 2017

Another Winter Storm Prep Day

I hit the ground running today. Several special order breads had to be baked and delivered before I could finish up final storm preparations. The weather models seem to be all over the place depending on the track the storm takes but right now 3-6 inches of snow seems to be what the weather people agree on. That in itself is not so bad though any amount of snow here in the sunny south tends to throw our world into chaos, it is the fact that temperatures are not going to get back to above freezing until Tuesday. THAT will be a problem!
While bread was baking I filled all the bird feeders. They were so happy they didn't even wait for me to finish to start eating. I called hubby and reminded him to fill gas cans and get kerosene, just in case we needed the heater and the generator.
Once bread was delivered, I made a dreaded quick trip to the grocery store. I needed cat food and paper towels. Then I hit our local pet food store and picked up an extra bag of dog food and frozen beef bones to keep them busy over the next few days. I have a feeling there will be a lot of garage kennel time! I filled my truck with gas and thankfully headed home.

After I unloaded everything, I headed to the pool. It has been shut down for a few weeks but not winterized so I had to reboot everything and get it running so there would be no frozen pipe disaster.
On to the barn where once again I filled all water tubs, fed extra hay and plugged up heat tapes on the water pipes, drained and stored hoses and tossed a couple of old bales in the shed with for the piggies to snuggle down in.
Lastly a trip to the garden. I harvested what was left of the lettuce. Even under row covers it will not survive the forecasted 7* low on Sunday night. I pulled lots of turnips, then covered them with several layers of row cover. I hope they make it through since they are my favorite food right now. Sweet and delicious I eat several raw every day! A couple of baskets of greens were picked and then went next door to help with sis's garden. There we harvested all the broccoli, more greens and covered some of her things.
By then it was 4 and sleet had started falling. I was glad to call it a day.
Time to hunker down, build a fire, start a couple of pots of soup, some cornbread and wait. I say...let it snow!!

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