Monday, January 2, 2017

Life Changes

Well, the last week has been quite a roller coaster ride. The little country store where I have baked for almost 10 years and worked for almost 9 is closing it's doors on January 31st. It was a back and forth hard decision for the owner but in the end she is ready to do something else. This will make her twice retired. Though I am sad at the thought of not seeing our friends/customers I am ready for a change as well. I feel sure someone will step up and reopen the store. I was actually contacted about if I would stay on but after much thought I have decided to get back to my homestead.
The last couple of years I have not gotten to spend as much time here. With baking and working I was pushing over 30 hours a week. In the beginning it wasn't so bad but to be quite honest it's not as easy as it used to be and I am tired! 😉
SO! What will I be doing? Erecting a greenhouse, relocating chicken coops, milking daily, adding a new vegetable garden. A possible CSA may evolve or I may do a farmer's market again. I might actually spend some time in my studio. I will be able to spend more time training my dogs. I have become a distributor for Young Living Oils and Shaklee products, two things we use a lot here on the homestead in the home and in the barn. One thing is certain, I will not be bored!
The first thing on my agenda, however, is to organize my house. I am taking a 14 week challenge from the Bowl Full of Lemons blog! Looks to be fun and by the time I am done Spring will be here. So my friends, life changes yes, but in a good way.

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