Friday, January 13, 2017

Crazy Weather

Only here in the sunny south can you go from a low of 8* to a high of 72* in the span of 5 days! It's madness, madness I say...but I'll take it.

After baking special order breads and a few errands I was back home for the day. Though still very soggy, I enjoyed the chance to be outside in the sunshine.
I opened wide the garage doors and gave it a good cleaning. Our dog kennels are in there and with the nasty weather this week it had gotten quite filthy. I organized some shelving that was stacked with junk. Animals were tended at a leisurely pace.
I spent extra time with Ludo and Talon, our 6 month old Belgian Malinois, a new addition as of September, working on their obedience. I hope to have them get their BH (basic handling) title in the fall. They must have that before we can compete.
My sweet daughter in law and my mom came for a later afternoon visit. We lingered outside until almost dark. It was a beautiful spring January!

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