Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Though the organizing challenge is not due to start for another week, I piddled in the kitchen yesterday. We have had a couple of rainy days and my urge to get my all together, all together is intense!!
The first thing I did was rearrange some cabinets. That should throw my kids into a tailspin. They still haven't recovered from the last rearrange 4 years ago. Haha!
I also attacked my cookbook shelf. I grouped authors and topics together and kinda put them in alphabetical order. I had to create another whole other space for Christmas books and magazines, as my shelf is overflowing. 
In an effort to eliminate counter top clutter I emptied another piece of furniture and put some larger appliances in it with labels.
It's amazing the things you unearth when going through seldom used cabinets. I found this sweet pottery sheep platter and made it home to all the oils that usually sit scattered on the counter. A pretty good start on getting my house in order!

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