Saturday, May 11, 2013

With the drier days the lower garden was finally plowed. Once the grass dries a bit, Doug will disk it and then set the rows. Cinderella pumpkins, Ledman watermelons and cantaloupe seeds have been sown in the greenhouse with hopes of having a head start once the garden is ready.
Every single thing that I have purchased, plant wise, is finally in the ground. Well, except for a lone azalea bush that has lived in a pot for two years. Soon, darling, soon...
Among them were red salvia around the fountain, assorted herbs from the green house and a variegated wigelia bush.
I also put some horseradish root in a pot. Not much to see, yet. I should be able to harvest some this fall, but the most pungent roots will be ready in the Spring.
The kale has finally bolted and I need to find time to freeze at least a few packs. I have become quite addicted to kale risotto. I will be sad to see it go..

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