Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Lower Garden

I heard the truck before I saw it coming down the drive this morning. I did a happy dance in the kitchen because it was loaded with fence wire, posts and gates. The fencing for the lower garden had arrived! The new area will take in about 1/3 of an acre. This combined with our current garden will give us almost 2/3 of an acre of gardening space. Once tilled the lower garden will be planted with the rambling crops like watermelon, cantaloupe and winter squash. It will also be home to several of the different open pollinated crops like green beans, corn and tomatoes. Since the two gardens are a good distance apart we should be able to plant and save the seeds of many different plants. Very exciting!
The garden is located between our house and my sister's, seen in the distance. It will be a family plot and if all goes according to plan we hope to have a hoop house in there somewhere by fall.
Doug's guys were in between jobs this week so they were busy helping with the fence. Today they got the fence posts set.

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