Sunday, May 26, 2013

Unfortunately we woke to a very light and brief rain shower.Though really no more than a heavy dew, it was enough to push baling out a couple of hours and in doing that meant we lost our help lined up for the day. Baling would have to wait until tomorrow.
Doug headed to work for a while and I headed to the yard. I hauled good dirt to fill the holes he augured for me yesterday and planted the hydrangeas. I got them mulched as well. Yesterday had been very windy so I spent the next couple of hours raking and picking up sticks and debris. Then it was back to the dreaded weeding chores.
When Doug got home, he set up the butchering equipment. We decided tomorrow we would butcher the meat birds at daylight and I would clean up while they got ready to bale hay. It would make for a long day but 2 huge chores would be accomplished.
Lastly we got the tomatoes staked. The posts were driven and the cattle panels hauled in beside the plants. Sometime this week I will get them tied to the panels.
We knocked off at 5:30 to enjoy an early Memorial Day meal with the boys as we knew tomorrow would find us dragging at the end of the day.

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