Saturday, May 18, 2013

It was a long garden day. We spent about 6 hours planting and weeding. The "Silver Queen" corn in the upper garden was plowed up and sown again due to the lack of germination. I planted 36 basil plants and a whole row of cutting flowers. Some flowers were started in the greenhouse but most were seeds, a combination of zinnias and sunflowers.
The sugar peas and snow peas are barely 5 inches tall. They are trying to produce, but if every little pod becomes a pea, it will be the saddest Charlie Brown crop ever. Just picture the Christmas tree...

Today I sowed Black Valentine green beans and Red Ripper Crowder Peas. The Red Ripper were seeds from a nearby farmer that has been saving seed for years. Renegade, another green bean, good for canning, was planted as well. More lettuce, radishes, a summer kale, cantaloupe, Cinderella pumpkins and Ledman watermelon went in. Okra was sown too. In the lower garden we sowed 3 rows of "Luscious" corn. The last of the peppers out of the greenhouse were ready to plant, among them Cajun Bells and Alma Paprika.

Every year in the garden is a challenge. This one will be cooler temps and lots of rain. We just continue to plant, pray and hope.

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