Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

The boys were so sweet today. Sleep in, they said. We will help with chores. Today is all about you.
I may have possibly slept a bit later had they not cranked the Gator and sent Luke's dog off the deep end barking. And chore help would be lovely, but they were working on the baler. No matter, I still felt very loved and appreciated.
They did plant some beautiful pink knockout roses for me beside the new patio wall. They also helped in throwing a huge fish fry for all the moms in the family.
The best part of my day was to finally harvest our first handful of strawberries. Warm, sweet and ripe, perfect for an after lunch dessert. I got 1..I had to laugh. Soooo glad this day was all about me. Hope your day was just as blessed!

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