Thursday, April 25, 2013

Moon Names

Random I know. Tonight I was finishing up chores. As I gathered eggs from one of the hen houses the moonlight lite the boxes. As I headed to the house, it cast a shadow as I walked. I haven't ever given much thought to the full moon during the spring and summer months, usually thinking of a full moon in the fall as a "Harvest Moon". So, I did a little research...
The most well known names of the moons were from the Native American Algonquin tribes of New England. Though there are differing names, these are the most popular.
January~ The Wolf Moon
February~ The Snow Moon or Hunger Moon
March~ The Worm Moon
April~ The Pink Moon
May~ The Flower Moon
June~ The Strawberry Moon
July~ The Buck Moon
August~ The Sturgeon Moon
September~ The Corn Moon or Harvest Moon
October~ The Hunter's Moon or Harvest Moon
November~ The Beaver Moon
December~ The Cold Moon
The harvest moon is the full moon closest to the autumn equinox, either in September or October.
I enjoyed walking under the light of the pink moon tonight.

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