Friday, April 26, 2013

An Accidental Death

I was out of my routine this morning. I don't usually work on Fridays but was needed for a few hours today. I had to do my morning chores before I headed out. Milking finished, I went to move the chicken tractor that houses the meat birds. I was pushing it to clean grass when I hit a tree stump. It snatched out of my hands and fell with a crash. Unfortunately in doing so, it landed on one of the birds and killed it. Now, I don't know why this upset me so being that I am the one who does the killing at butcher time, but it did. I had the urge to bury it, hold a small funeral or something. Maybe it was because it met an untimely death or that I felt it was a violent end to its life? Strange how the human heart works.
In the end, homesteading common sense took over and I quickly dressed it and put in the fridge. I will make stock and when consumed offer an extra prayer of thanks...

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