Monday, April 29, 2013

I Warned Her!

Little lamb was a non believer. This morning early I pulled her out of the fence once again. I was leaving to run a couple of errands so I turned her loose. When I got back, there she was, almost in the exact same spot. This time I carried her to the barn and plopped her in a stall. She is none too happy but for her safety this will be her home for a couple of weeks until she is friendly enough to live with the goat kids.We have coyotes that run the fence line. I shudder to think if they came upon her with her head outside the fence. Also, it is not hot now but if it were and she stood in that heat all day.. Plus the fact she has already damaged a horn. I have never had a lamb do something like this. This year my lamb names will all begin with the letter "E". Her name? Ediot.

Ok maybe that is a bit harsh. If you think of a better name let me know!

We got three inches of rain yesterday so not much could be done outside. After chores were finished I decided a trip to the pond would be fun. For my birthday last year I asked my dad for a large fish box. We had one growing up and it was big enough to leave the fish in for a couple of days, almost like an aquarium! There were seven fish in there from Saturday night that needed to be cleaned and I thought I might catch a few more. Nothing worth keeping, so I brought up what I had, cleaned them and got them ready for the frying pan. Leftover slaw, a few hush puppies and a Monday night fish fry was enjoyed.

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