Monday, April 15, 2013

A Little Dirt Therapy

Today was beautiful and I was itching to get my hands in the dirt. Unfortunately I had many errands to run. I got early barn chores done and hit the road. Seven stops later I was home. I grabbed a bite to eat and raided the greenhouse. Oh what to take!! so many options. Herbs, zinnias, marigolds, tomatoes, peppers! I loaded up a couple of flats of miscellaneous plants and headed home. Since Doug has almost completed his "grilling station" he mentioned he would like a pot of herbs close by to pick and use while cooking. I rounded up an old pot and ta-da! his wish was my command...
Next I planted clumps of zinnias, lettuce and celery in the herb beds...

And finally, some beautiful lilies I picked up while out earlier in the perennial beds..
I had tomatoes to plant, but unfortunately, time was running out, I had barn chores to do and some supper to scare up. I was, I must say, feeling much more relaxed. Even just a little bit of dirt therapy can go a long way!

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