Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Dark and Dreary Day

A grey, misty morning greeted me when I woke up. Since the rains were to get progressively harder as the day wore on, I deiced to get all my chores finished early. While feeding, I heard the distressed call of a lamb. I found her with her head stuck in the fence on the back side of the pond. This is not the first time I have rescued her and I told her today, it would be the last. One more time and she will be taken from her mom, who at this point could care less if she is missing, and put in a stall for her safety. Of course, if I do this it means she will have to be bottle fed. Ugh.
Being that it was raining, Doug headed to work for a few hours to catch up on paperwork. Left to my own devices, I put a chicken on for supper and made some granola. I also started supper for his mom, who thankfully, is home as of Friday. We are lucky and blessed she is still here with us.
 We had planned to lay out the fence line for the new garden but the rains kept us at bay. Instead we delivered the meal, visited a bit and headed home. He built what was probably the last fire of the season to ward off the damp, chilly evening.
It was looking to be a quiet and uneventful day. Then Luke called. It seems Dallas, my grand dog, and he were playing and he somehow (Dallas) knocked his crooked little front tooth loose. It was bleeding, Dallas was stressed and Luke was beside himself. I thought I was going to have to drive to Wilmington right then! ;o)
Dallas is a rat terrier, a RESCUE rat terrier. He has issues. He is not very cooperative and he only does things on his terms. Luke was afraid to take him because he knew he would have to be sedated and for some reason that was freaking him out. Our vet here knows him and his issues. I finally talked him into taking him to a clinic. They didn't sedate him and from what little they could see just put him on antibiotics long enough to get him home next week. All is well and his tooth finally came out. I told Luke to make sure he put it under Dallas's pillow....

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