Friday, March 1, 2013

Damn Rams

Pegasus was actually looking like his old self again. Until today. Seems a little pip squeak of a ram lamb somehow wiggled his way into the pasture with Pegasus and being he was back out with the girls I guess he felt the need to make sure said pip squeak got no where near them. Now his eye is swollen again and blood was dripping off his nose. Thankfully his stitches held and the blood was from the area that could not be sewn up. Now I start all over with the powdered antibiotics. I had an intense urge to shoot them both.
I drug little trouble maker out by his horns and locked him in a stall until I have time to move him far away. He had the audacity to stomp his foot at me. We will  be having that bad behavior = freezer talk very soon!

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