Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kidding Season..And So It Starts!

Today was the first day of my new schedule at the store. Mom stopped in to check on the animals. Tana, first time freshener was acting strange. She checked her off and on during the day, but no signs of full on labor. At four, she called to see if she should make another check. I told her to head home, I would be there in a couple of hours.
When I arrived home, I drove straight to the barn to check her. She was in the throws of labor. I inspected. Two rear legs and a tail. REALLY?  The first kid here was gonna be breech!!! I hurriedly hung a heat lamp and grabbed some towels. I pulled the kid, it was a doe. She seemed a bit weak but was alive. Tana walked off. I kept calling and telling her to come check her baby all the while rubbing and clearing her nose. Then she laid down and started giving birth to a second. The sack on this one was not broken and so I hurried to break it. I grabbed the baby up and started rubbing and drying it. Tana showed no interest in either. I gathered them up and took them to the house. After some vigorous rubbing and getting them warm, they were looking a bit more lively. I headed back to the barn to milk Tana. She stood like she had been milked all her life thought it was only her first time. I fed her some grain and locked her in a stall for the night. After the second feeding the babies were up and strong. They will live in a laundry basket for the new day or two until the weather warms. The high tomorrow is low 40's with lots of wind. The weekend is looking to be warmer and I will move them to the barn under lights..
The first Alpine kids.. a buck and a doe!

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  1. You are awesome. Look at those precious babies. Can't wait to see them.