Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Day Of Digging

We are continuing to work on the natural area behind the house. It has been very slow going. The brick work is still not finished. We did get the sidewalk poured that divides the area from the yard. It seems like once a project starts, however small it is supposed to be, it ends up growing quite large. I KNOW it will be lovely when finished. Key word~ finished!
Anyway, today I dug several clumps of daylilies that were in a bad spot and moved them to the natural area around a large pot that I plan to keep seasonal plants in for color. We hauled in good dirt and mulch to plant them in. I have a few more to move but will have to wait until we are finished with the brick work. I also have a couple of pomegranate trees to go in and plan to plant some low growing bushes for the birds to take cover in from the hawk that lives near by.
We also divided a huge amount of liriope grass and placed in on a hill where there is some washing problems. It should fill in and make a nice ground cover.
I had hoped the garden would be dry enough to plow but unfortunately it was not. Fingers crossed tomorrow we can get it done as the rain is due to move back in on Monday. The 65 pounds of potatoes and 12 bunches of onions are begging to be planted!

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