Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Half Day

Today was a half day. I got half the herb bed weeded. I got half my kitchen chores done. I got half the shower scrubbed. I have no clue why it was such a struggle to stay on task!
I have been nursing one of my older cashmere does who has struggled with parasites this summer.She has consumed a lot of my time the last day or so. She is doing well, though and I am hopeful. I have been taking her Malabar spinach leaves, which she loves, and hauling water to her. She is also getting a daily dose of vitamins along with grain. So, several trips a day out across the pasture are taken. She is not willing to come to the barn yet, preferring the shade of the woods.
I have also been dealing with my demonic dishwasher that has suddenly become possessed and kicks the door open during the cycles.This a bad thing. I use it to sterilize all of my miking equipment, jars and canning supplies. We don't use paper plates either so when I say it gets run 2-3 times a day I am not exaggerating! The thought of washing all that stuff by hand makes me quake in my shoes.
Off to check the goat....


  1. Kelly, can you describe for me again the process you use to take off scurs using bands?

  2. I will post the process for you and take some pics as well.