Sunday, August 14, 2011


The first thing I had to do after morning chores, according to my husband, was to go and buy a dishwasher. Ugh. I milked and put a pot of beans on and we headed out. Buying one was relatively painless just time consuming. We went ahead and made the grocery store run while we were out and stopped to check the hive at my in laws house.
Finally back home and able to check the hive here, we discovered that the ones we recovered from the barn didn't need to be treated but the ones we bought do. The mite count on the wild hive was 20 and the other 103. Kinda interesting....
Groceries put up, veggies washed and cereal made I headed to check the grapes. Quite some time later I was back with a bushel. These vines were planted just 1 year ago in the spring and proved to be very prolific. The Catawba seems to have done better than the Concord this year. I will be making juice and jelly tomorrow!

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