Friday, August 5, 2011


Finally it is raining. We were getting desperate. The garden once again was looking extremely sad. Between the heat and drought nothing is setting fruit right now. The butter peas are full of blooms, but no peas. The peppers have no blooms. The third planting of green beans have go by the wayside as well. This will be the year of no canned green beans- good thing I canned extra last year! Between the coons and mother nature there will be no late corn. And so it goes in the gardening world. Battles won and lost on a daily basis.
Today, I am enjoying the rumble of thunder and the lightning. The rain is like music on the rooftop. I have a few tomatoes to can and I am ordering fall seeds and garlic. These are the days that revive my soul and allow me to rejuvenate.

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