Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tomato Time

Big beautiful baskets of tomatoes are sitting on my kitchen floor. Where to start? Today I think marinara sauce. After getting the tomatoes on to simmer, I pulled the red and yellow peppers from the fridge. Those I roasted and peeled. Some made their way into the freezer and others in the salsa. It has been a daily process to can all of these gifts from the garden but by the end of this week I have added another 7 quarts of plain tomatoes, 13 more pints of marinara and 12 pints of salsa! The early tomatoes are slowing a bit but the late are starting to ripen, We are not done yet! Still left on my list are a roasted pepper spaghetti sauce, one more round of salsa and at least a dozen more quarts of plain tomatoes.

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