Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Color Am I ?

I am hoping with the help of some Icelandic breeders we can make a call on the color of these two ram lambs.  I think this one is a spotted black badger~

And this one a spotted moorit badger?



Will let you know!  Okay-- the top one is a black badger and the bottom a moorit badger. Mystery solved!


  1. I think you have a moorit badger and a black badger, no spotting. The badgers always seem spotted as lambs, but that is the normal coloring. Have the dam and sire thrown spots for you in the past?

  2. Thanks Terri~ that seems to be the general consensus. "unspotted" badgers they are ;o)
    There is spotting on both sides of their lines so maybe they are just carrying them. Now I can get started on what I consider my yearly algebra lesson~ registration papers!