Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Weekend of Gardening

The garden had dried enough for us to get in and do some cultivating. We also wanted to get a few more things in the ground. So yesterday,we spent a good bit of time working on that. I planted a short row of french filet green beans. (It may still be a bit early, so only small amounts of heat loving crops when in.) I also planted a few zucchini seeds and two rows of early corn.
Beets were planted as well. My son planted a few tomato plants he had started from seed. We are going to cover them at night and see how early we can harvest that first summer 'mater. I harvested out first radishes and lots of kale, lettuce and spring onions.

From there I headed to the herb beds to do some weeding. The sage was falling across the walkway so I cut it back and that will go in the dehydrator. Cilantro has self seeded and is growing nicely. The parsley and chives need to be harvested soon. I will have to replace several herbs this year. I lost my old rosemary and several thymes due to the cold I am guessing. A trip to the local plant store in in order this next week.

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