Monday, April 11, 2011

It All Started Out So Simple

Yesterday started out to be a wonderful morning.. My hubby had to work for a couple of hours and I was able to kind of ooze into the day. ( Not many of those around!) I actually had a second mug of coffee. I was able to plan my day and week in peace and solitude. Nice.

When he arrived home, I had a large breakfast prepared and my day planned. After the morning chores were done, we headed to our most favorite place, Lowe's Home Improvement, to pick up a few things and then off to visit the in laws. Back home, I started the Sunday rituals. A quick trip to pick up a few groceries and I was back home to make cereal and prepare for the week. I tried a new recipe for granola bars that was wonderful. Easy, quick and one more thing I can scratch from the grocery store list. In and amongst all of that I was keeping a close eye on the ewes that were due. Around 4, one went into labor. She was known to single and have huge lambs. Last year she lost a lovely spotted ram while I was at work and so I was trying to keep a close eye out this go round. At 5:15 she passed her water bag. At 6, I decided to check her. No baby in the birth canal and I brought her to the barn. She was in no distress and eating. After supper I headed to the barn to milk and she was still just hanging out. No visible signs of labor and quiet. I milked and fed kids. Time for another check. This time the baby was in the birth canal. I closed my eyes and felt for recognizable parts. I recognized them all right. They were back legs. I realized I was dealing with a breech birth. The one thing I did know was that the lamb was alive.. After what seemed like an eternity I was able to deliver a huge lamb. He was not doing well. I tried blowing in his mouth and swinging him around. he took a few gasps and died. I rocked back on my heels and cried. I felt it was because of my inexperience and the time it took for me to get him out was the reason he died. And so it goes, life on the homestead is not always so easy.

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