Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Deliveries, Sale Barn

I felt today we made a trip around the world! Morning chores done it was time to take a load of animals to the sale barn. Being that I have been slack and had not tagged any thing as of yet, that had to be done. We loaded all of the animals that were to leave. Also loaded were a couple of goats being sold to a new home and a goat that had been here to be bred and was returning home. Once all the animals were on the trailer we started tagging. I hate that job! My husband held, I tagged and 20 minutes later we emerged from the trailer slightly battered and bruised but done. GPS programed we headed out around noon. The first stop was delivering a milking doe and buck kid. I died laughing when we arrived, the gps said "arriving at goat delivery".That was my son's doing ;o) Goats settled with new owners we were off again, this time to the sale barn. Unloaded there and headed for our last stop. The last doe was unloaded and we headed home to drop the trailer and go to check a horn on a little doe I sold last year. It seems the scur was curling into her head. I decided I would snip the tip that was curling and band the horn at the base. I held, my son started to snip and the whole outer shell of the horn popped off. LOTS of blood. Yuk. She never flinched from pain only shook her head and covered us with blood. A small bloody nub was left that I will later band if need be after it heals. It seems the little boys that own her were scrapping over who got the horn when it fell off, so I left it in their paper box and once again headed home!

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  1. That delivery of the milk doe and buckling was such a wonderful experience! Both are enjoying their new home and we are showering them with lots of attention and affection. Thanks so much for the wonderful goats! ~Shannon