Monday, April 4, 2011

The Milking Parlor

Today was the day to get ready for milking full time! I am extremely excited to be able to have milk without feeling that I am stealing from the babies. They have been cut to once a day and I am still able to get almost 3 gallons from the morning milking and a bit less than that from the evening round. My first priority though, was to get the milking parlor clean and ready for the daily milking chores. The winter junk was hauled off and the floors swept and cleaned. We pressured washed the milking stand and sanitized the area. Today's milk was turned into a large pot of feta. Soon there will be buttermilk, yogurt and more soft cheeses. And this WILL be the year I master hard cheeses. Sure, sure, sure...... And so the season begins. I plan to keep a count of gallons milked each day to add to our homestead production tally.

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