Thursday, April 12, 2018

Hoping For A Berry Nice Harvest

We have not had a good blueberry harvest for 3 years now. Late killing frosts have plagued us. This year though it looks like mother nature has cut us a break. The bushes are absolutely loaded with baby berries and blooms. I am beyond excited. I have visions of fresh berries in yogurt, canned berries for winter muffins, frozen berries for smoothies, blueberry jam....
The blackberries are beginning to bloom as well. Last year we did have a lovely harvest however, I think I may have pruned a little too harshly this winter and the crop may not be as good. We will have to see. Always learning!
And lastly the strawberries. They too are loaded with blooms and berries. So the next couple of weeks I will be working on squirrel proofing the berry patch. Those little devils can spot a ripe berry a mile away I believe. Last year we barely got enough to eat let alone preserve. I am on a mission to foil their berry diet. I plan to win.

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