Monday, April 16, 2018

Co-op Haul and First Lambs

This morning dawned chilly and windy. I went from short pants and flip flops yesterday to sweats and boots today. (and a nice fire tonight!)
Today was errand day. Co-op pick up, bank and several other stops consumed the better part of my day. The next rainy day I will certainly have my work cut out for me repackaging all of these dried goods.

Once the truck was unloaded I headed to the barn for afternoon chores. As usual the sheep ran to greet me and one of the pregnant ewes was acting crazy. She was calling and pacing like she had lambed and lost her babies. After walking the pasture twice and taking a closer look at her I decided she must be in labor and was just stressed at being left out in the pasture alone while the others were chowing down. Sure enough once everyone settled down she went back out in the field and within the hour delivered a set of twins.
I left her to tend them for a couple of hours and late this evening brought her up to the barn where they will be protected from the cold wind. Pictures tomorrow!

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