Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Beat Up By A Duck

I have another broody duck and being that I am totally sold on having ducks on the homestead I decided to let her hatch out a few eggs. Today was her first full day on the nest and I was going to mark the eggs since others having been laying in it too and I wanted to keep track of the ones not to collect. Sharpie in hand I reached down to scoot her over. Bad idea.Very bad idea. She came off that nest so fast I never saw what happened. She hit my wrist so hard with her wings I truly thought it was broken! So I thought I'd try another tactic and scoot her with my foot. Did I say bad idea already? This time she came at me and beat the pudding out of my shins. I retreated with a bruised wrist, battered shins and REALLY hurt feelings. Tomorrow I will mark the eggs while she is out feeding!

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