Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Medicinal Herb Bed In The Making

Early this morning my sister, a good friend and I headed to the local fair grounds for a herb and plant sale.  It was to be a quick trip because homestead chores called but in a very short time I scored huge!
Some of my finds included Arnica, Stinging Nettle (and yes it stings like heck!) Aswagandi, Valerian, Feverfew and Lungwort. I also got burdock, hyssop and several kinds of mint. The greatest find was Vietnamese coriander which is sort of like a summer cilantro that won't bolt. Oh yeah. I was a happy girl leaving there. I have several more on my list but this was a great start!
Once home, hubby had all the gardens tilled and ready to plant. We are really late getting the spring garden in but due to the cold and all the wet weather it just didn't happen. My friend offered to stay and help and so after a quick bite to eat we got busy.
In the main garden we planted onions, garlic, carrots, radishes, squash, cucumbers, a row of beans for canning and two and a half rows of various potatoes. Tomatoes and peppers will go in after the threat of bad weather fore casted tomorrow,
In the small barn garden we got in some kale, spinach, arugula, beets, fillet beans, snow peas and three rows of Hopi Blue corn that will be dried for making cornmeal. Of course we also had to plant zinnias, a garden is never complete without the addition of these!

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