Saturday, June 29, 2013

Almost Washed Away

Late yesterday afternoon and over night we had over 6 inches of rain fall. We left out at four a.m., so of course, we didn't see the damage that had been done. The first calls came around 7 when Luke was able to check on things. He said it was bad. Really bad. I called my sister and had her go check. Yep, it's bad. Then the pictures started arriving via text.
There was nothing we could do but keep driving and get back ASAP. We arrived in Indiana at 2. Loaded up and turned around. We drove in heavy rains for several hours. We made it back as far as Charleston, West Virginia before exhaustion overtook us and we made the decision to stop and sleep for a few hours. Homeward bound in the morning..
In all those miles of travel this was the only thing that I found picture worthy!

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