Saturday, June 22, 2013

Garden Days

You know it is summer time in the garden when you come in and walk straight to the shower lest someone try to bury you because you smell so bad.
The last two days life has been that way. Yesterday green beans were picked and the early garlic harvested. The "Venture" beans were true to their word and almost all were ready. Close to two bushels yesterday with a half bushel earlier this week. There will be one more lighter picking in a day or two. I love the taste and productivity of the beans. I found though they were more time consuming to pick, because the vines were kind of tangled. I will pick again on Monday and most likely leave the rest to dry for seed. They are open pollinated so that is possible. All in all, they are a definite winner in our garden book.
We planted 50 sweet potato plants, a row of cannelli beans and a row of butter peas. The boys got to use Doug's birthday present to plant the potatoes. It was an old tobacco planter. You drop the plant in one side, water in in the other and as you press a lever water shoots into the hole and plant is planted! So cool, it took about 10 minutes to plant the 50 plants.

Much weeding was done and rows were cultivated. Tomatoes were tied up again, squash and pumpkins fertilized. A couple of long but good garden days!

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