Saturday, June 8, 2013

Finally, Milk!

Almost all the kids have been weaned and I am finally able to get on a milking schedule. After much thought I have opted to only milk once a day, in the mornings. With the two large gardens planted, among all the other chores, I think twice daily may be a bit much this year. Even with just a once daily milking that should net us 1 1/2-1 3/4  gallons a day, from four girls. This will up a bit when the last doe's kids are weaned and I will add a fifth girl to the lineup.
This also means the long awaited cheese workshop can be held. More soap classes too. Yeah!

Other news on the has been a wet, sultry week. Close to five inches of rain has fallen since Monday. It is too wet to plow, mow or even weed. The rain has put the cold frames on hold, again. So, the boys worked on all the nit picking details left from the remodeling projects. Touch up paint here, caulk there. After baking and delivering, I made garlic scape pesto to freeze.
 I also planted the large basket that hangs on the well house.

A leisurely day on the farm..

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