Friday, June 14, 2013

Another busy week has flown by on the homestead. I have settled into the new milking routine and so have the girls. I finally made a batch of cheese. Yum.
It was another week of rainy afternoons and hot humid days. Perfect weather for the parasites to breed and multiply. And that they did as I had the first case of bottle jaw and parasite overload to treat. A couple of lambs needed treating as well. I will be moving everyone to clean pastures over the next few days.
A wicked storm hit yesterday afternoon. For us we only had one tree uprooted, that did not damage and lots of branches down. Others were not so lucky and some neighborhoods were devastated.

My sister and mom are both out of town for several days, so I am tending their critters and gardens in addition to mine. Thankfully they are much smaller scale than us and it doesn't take too long. I have spied a couple of squash in sis's thinks that will be payment ;o))

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