Saturday, June 1, 2013

My morning started very early today..5 a.m. I had to get bread baked for the store and we had some prospective sheep buyers slated to arrive at 8. We spent an hour or so talking sheep. After they left it was time to get busy!
I planted some bush cucumbers in a pot that will live in the herb garden here by the house. I also planted some Purple Orach. It is another type of climbing spinach, similar to Malabar that touts having 3 times the vitamin c as spinach.
Several more herbs were tucked in the garden, the cherry tomato tied up and Elf sunflower seeds were planted among the day lily plants.
The horseradish planted a couple of weeks ago has popped up and looks quite happy.
Doug started the cold frame beds. YEAH! When he came to a stopping point due to lack of materials we broke for lunch. Afterwards we headed to the big gardens. He cultivated the rows and I tied up the tomatoes. He also tilled a row in the lower garden for some October beans we plan to get in tomorrow.

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